Premium Auto Care in Belle Chasse, LA

Southern Louisiana's Auto Repair Professionals -- Star Automotive

Welcome to Star Automotive!

Since 2008, Star Automotive has been the preferred auto repair shop in Belle Chasse, Louisiana. Family owned and operated, our staff works diligently to provide you with quality auto care with that familiar Louisiana charm.

With over 40 years of experience in auto repair, Star Automotive knows what it takes to succeed in the auto repair industry. It demands excellent auto care and open, transparent dialogue with our customers. These traits have been the bedrock of our business, and it’s why our shop has been working in Plaquemines Parish for over ten years!

We offer you a variety of auto repair services that include preventative maintenance, electrical system diagnostics, transmission repair, fleet services, engine repair, and more! Along with that, our shop accepts all makes and models and we provide a comprehensive warranty plan for your vehicle!

Trust, Loyalty, and Integrity

We understand that many people have a hard time trusting auto repair shops and honestly, we can’t fault them. Time and time again car owners have been left with surprise fees and low-quality repairs. For car owners, nothing is more frustrating. The Star Automotive team wants to change that.

We operate under three important traits – trust, loyalty, and integrity. These pillars have been crucial to our success and it’s what we expect out of every Star Automotive team member. How do we translate these traits into our garage? By providing personalized customer service and an open, honest line of communication between us and our customers. We want to fully understand what your automotive problems are and what we can do to fix it. We want to give you the repairs you need, and nothing more. We want to provide you with a step-by-step breakdown of the repairs we did and what you can do to avoid the problem in the future, all in a “language” you can understand.

Quality auto care isn’t just about repairing a client’s vehicle, it’s about the entire service experience. From a listening ear to inspirational conversations, our team is ready to serve you every step of the way.

The Star Promise

At Star Automotive, we value the trust you place in us. We want to make sure that you trust the work we do before you come in and after you leave. To do that, we’ve created our Star Automotive Warranty Program, which includes three packages so you can pick the best fit for you. Interested in what those packages are and what’s best for you and your vehicle? Give us a call and find out!